2014 "G" by Alex Guarachi

Wine Enthusiast "Editor's Choice"



Coming directly from the Guarachi Meadowrock Estate nestled in Atlas Peak, Napa Valley comes this exclusive release named “G” by Alex Guarachi.

“G” is an exquisite dark fruit red blend of cabernet, cab franc and merlot made with 30-year-old vines from the Guarachi Estate owned vineyard: Meadowrock. To maintain the finest possible quality for the price, and with very low yield, only 100 cases were made.

Visually, you will recognize Alex Guarachi’s exclusive blend by the pronounced laurel wreath encompassing the letter “G.” 

Alex wanted you to know that his passion and devotion to wines were at the very heart of the creation of “G.”  So much like an artist signing his work, Alex has placed his signature on every bottle. 

We invite you to celebrate his work and love of wine — and see for yourself the incredible taste that is “G”.

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